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Introduction: Homemade Angle Grinder Holder

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Get more from your Angle grinder, a Holder an easy to make and very useful, made of hard plywood, can still use it as a portable in seconds. Many people hold the Angle grinder on a Workshop Vice, and several times I have seen how they had to buy a new one, you can get to force the rotor or the brushes, disabling the tool, this method will avoid that problem. In the market there are many accessories for Angle grinder, useful for many jobs, use your imagination to take advantage of them with this holder. Angle Grinder are dangerous tools, in this way you get more control over them, but still, using all necessary protection such as goggles and gloves. Check out the Youtube video

What You'll Need:

• Woodworking tools
• A piece of hard plywood 300x100x20mm
• A piece of hard plywood 150x100x20mm
• 1 M12 screw 30mm long
• 2 M12 washers

The construction is very simple, it is only necessary to shape the piece 150X100X20, adapting it to the shape of the Angle grinder, screw it to the big plywood piece checking measures and alignment, and ready!

You can also check out my website! www.paoson.com

Youtube Video



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    19 Discussions

    Where are the instructions for making this?!? A video of using something is not what I consider an instructable.

    Love it!! I have everything I need to do this except for a bolt for the offhand side of the grinder. thanks for this!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    I have watched the video and do NOW understand the project well. I was your first comment and i was confused by this a lot. Reading all your new comments I feel you could improve this ible greatly with some stills taken from the video and writing out a few steps concerning materials. Its a great project but unfortunately many people (myself included) skip the videos and look for text and pics. Just a suggestion. I love the project and will probably build my own.

    Its a great excuse to go get another cheap harbor freight grinder. I do own a good bench grinder but this seems more adaptable for certain projects. I really love the sanding disk you put on there to shape wood.

    You did a great video for a great project, i suggest making a better ible though.


    2 years ago

    More pics would be nice. I believe you that the grinder is secure but itn looks like it could pop out of there. I hate to be "safety bully" but I would like to see something over the top holding the grinder down. just something simple with some wing nuts or a pipe clamp just to keep it from accidentally bumping out.

    it would sure be a shame to ruin a shoe or need stitches because of a slip up accident. im a firm believer that guards and safety may not always matter but sometimes it helps.

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    Hello!, on a pc you can watch a video with all the details, the Angle grinder is anchored very secure and firm, yet must take all precautions!

    Anchored indeed. I did actually watch the video on pc. My first view of this ible was on a mobile and I couldn't watch it. Some stills from the video would still be a nice touch but now that I have seen the bolt you used on the underside to hold it secure I understand the project much better. Its a great plan you have there. I made a chop saw from a hand grinder


    I made it - Great thing. Works well.

    this Looks something im gonna make in near future.

    could you show a pic of the other side and the end where you are grinding from how its fixed to the ply wood?

    5 replies

    Hello! have a youtube video where all is revealed, it is easier to understand, check it out


    I'm looking at this on a computer and I don't understand - is there a hole on the grinder already or did you make one? If you made it what is the bolt going into - just the plastic housing? I wold really like to know, I hate what my grinder is doing to my nerves in my hands so this would be a great idea for me to make. Just need photos of the way the grinder is attached is all.

    Hole that already comes with the machine, is where the handle is engaged, you have to find out what metric is yours, thanks!

    Where are the pictures?
    Where are the drawings so people can make it?
    But most importantly: Where the heck is the safety here?
    You place an angle grinder spinning at 10.000rpm totally loose into a piece of wood - this is a disaster waiting to happen!
    I strongly suggest to re-think your design in the interest of safety and common sense.

    To make an Instructable it should be complete, all you offer is a list of parts and a picture....

    1 reply

    Have a link to view the video, I suggest you see it. I thought about security, and I could not take pictures, thanks!