here is a short video to show you how i fully made my E-cigarette
the atomizer is made of an old lens
the tank that fits in the lens is a coming from a juice bottle

Drill holes in the bottom of the tank
peal of the insulation of the electrical connectors
I made a M3 thread in the connectors
Cut the heads of the 2 screws, and mount the 2 connectors in the tank
I made my coil with 0.4 kanthal filament and some cellulose wick

the body is made of a torch light aluminium body
the 18650 battery fits very well in it
i also replaced the switch

Step 1: Video Tutorial

New to building and I'm seriously getting my ass kicked trying to make your mod any help is appreciated.
<p>what thread size have you used on the posts to link the coil pillars to their base?</p>
<p>Looks like a Jupiter 8 lens ;)</p>
<p>Dude that is an awesome build. I need to make this and crame variable voltage in it.</p>
<p>but it needs a metal tank , plastic would spoil</p>
What is the name of the screw that you put your kanthal in?
<p>just an electric connector without insulation</p>

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