My husband and oldest daughter are HUGE ketchup lovers, I am not. When I make them their coveted homemade ketchup, I always reserve 2 cups to make BBQ Sauce, Shhhh...don't tell them! But, you can use store bought ketchup as well. This recipe is tangy and sweet just how I like it. If you like it with" POW, right in the kisser" , than I suggest adding Cayenne pepper to taste. This recipe can be doubled (YAY!) for canning purposes and is a great 1st time project if you've ever wanted to try your hand at canning.  If not, just place it right in the fridge and it will last several months. Please check out the link below if you are new to canning.
National Center for Home Preservation

There's only 1 thing you need to strictly follow when using this recipe. Never change the ratio of vinegar to ingrediants. You can alter/lower the PH level allowing botulism to grow. For example, if you want to double this recipe for canning purposes- Use 1 full cup of Apple Cider Vinegar.


Step 1: Items Needed

Remember, if you are planning on canning this recipe, double it!

Items You Will Need:

- 1 Wide mouth Pint jar w/ lid & ring ( if canning, you will need atleast 6 half pint jars w/lids and rings)
-  Medium sauce pan( if doubling recipe for canning, using large pot)
- 1 Tbsp. Molasses(original)
- 2 Tbsp. Dark Brown Sugar
- 1 Tbsp. Honey
- 1 Tbsp. Spicy brown mustard(you may substitute with yellow mustard)
- 2 cups homemade ketchup( can substitute with store bought Ketchup)
- 1/2 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
- 1 Tbsp. Spicy dry rub*
- Ball Canning Kit ( inexpensive & great to have if you plan on canning)

I always save any left over Spicy rub my husband makes for BBQ ribs. Feel free to buy a small container of self made rub as the recipe I'm going to give you for making the Spicy rub makes quite alot. Or store it in an air tight container and use the next time you BBQ on the grill. The rub works well with chicken and pork chops & of course ribs.

Spicy Rub Mix
- 1/4 Cup Kosher salt
- 2 Tbsp. Ground black pepper
- 1/4 Cup Dark brown sugar, packed
- 3 Tbsp. Ground cumin
- 2 Tbsp. chili powder
- 1 Tbsp. Granulated garlic
- 2 Tbsp. Paprika
Is there any reason i couldnt process this in pint jars for stable shelf storage?
<p>Could I can this recipe? It's really good: <br><br>http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/maple-chipotle-barbecue-sauce-0</p>
<p>awesome rub mixture I am wondering if the smell of vinegar will disappear it seems to be really strong, or did I do something wrong? Originally I was looking for a BBQ sauce recipe made with honey and ketchup to can, is there such a thing?</p>
<p>Teddybears3</p><p>You must have done a wrong step or simply added too much vinegar. This recipe is for Barbeque sauce- not a rub mix. It shouldn't smell of vinegar :(</p>
<p>I see that you use a pressure cooker with the lid on for your boiling water bath, I can just use my normal boiling water canner I assume? Thanks, J</p>
<p>I'm using the water bath. I think there is enough acidity in this. </p>
<p>I am so excited about this. The sauce is on the stove and it smells awesome! I added crushed pineapple, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce, but that is the only changes I made. I don't think that will change the acidity level. I'm 53 and started canning for the first time in my life last December. It is so much fun that I decided to do it again this year. I wanted to try something other than jams and jellies and stumbled upon this. I think my recipients will be pleased. Thanks for sharing. </p>
I'm always so impressed by your canning. This sounds fantastic!
LOL, Thanks. Too bad we aren't neighbors. Think of the block parties we could throw, heehee...
Since you have to use water to can, you might be able to enter this in the Water Challenge. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Summer-Water-Challenge/
THANKS, didn't even know about this contest. I will enter it and give it a shot

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