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Introduction: Homemade Bath Pouf Costume

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This adorable loofah costume is a great last minute costume idea.  It took me 2 hours to put the whole thing together and cost around $30!  Walk around on Halloween blowing bubbles and you'll be set!

30 yards of Tulle
2 feet of rope
1 yard of stretch jersey fabric  (matching color of the tulle)
needle and thread

  1. Create a tube dress base for the costume.  Here is a tutorial for how to make a 10 Minute Tube Dress.
  2. Put the tube dress on a dress form.  I used a trash can because I don't have a dress form.  It is important that you have the dress on a dress form before you start attaching the tulle.  If you don't the thread use to connect the tulle to the dress can snap. 
  3. Start tacking the tulle onto the dress using a needle and thread.  There is really not rhyme or reason to how this step goes.  You want it to look like organized chaos.  I tacked the tulle down as I draped it over the dress.  Make sure you cover the entire dress and the tulle poofs out in a loofah like manner!
  4. Hot glue the rope to the dress.  I let my rope hang down by my side, but you can also use it as a halter top for the costume.
I hope these instructions were helpful!!

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    How wide is the tulle

    wow amazing! does anybody know where could I get this material for the costume?

    Good old Carleyy. Any excuse to get her kit off in public! :-)
    I love her stuff though. Off the wall I think the expression is.

    1 reply

    My first thought was "OH SWEET, AN LSP COSTUME!" and then giggling when I realised it wasn't. Glad I wasn't alone! Since I just finished my Marceline and PB costumes, I totally wanna make LSP as a backup! And Fionna, obviously. But oh my glob, how fun would an LSP costume be?!

    This costume is Awesome! Thank you for sharing such a cute idea for those of us that need some help in the inspiration area. I love it!! Such a hoot!