Homemade Beeswax Christmas Candles





Introduction: Homemade Beeswax Christmas Candles

Always loved smell of beeswax. Candles from it like much more than paraffin ones.

I had some beeswax and decided to try to make some candles by myself.

Step 1: All You Need.


Some 100% cotton string for wick.

Pot to melt your wax (Turkish coffee pot in my case :) ).

Molding Silicon for your candle mold.

Model - angel statue in my case.

Step 2: Mold

I used molding silicon for my mold.

I will skip molding part because you will find bunch of ways to do it and my probably is not the best.

I simply put the statue in to the plastic cylinder and pour the mixed silicon mass over it.

One cut and it's done.

Step 3: Casting

Prepare mold, add wick, attach it with bobby pin or similar, to keep it in the middle.

Melt the beeswax - put the pot in the bigger pot with boiling water.

Don't put the wax melting pot directly on the fire to avoid overheating and possible inflammation.

When it's melted pour it in the mold.

Let it stay for a while to cool down and solidify.

Remember - bigger candles will take longer to cool down.

When its cool, open the mold and gently remove your candle. Pay special attention to small details.

Cut the surplus wick and its done :)

Step 4: Here You Go

Merry Christmas everyone!



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    lookin nice! how many time before the mould deform? just curious.

    Thank you. It depends. I spent totally 21,-EUR. 20,- for silicone (1 kg for molding - made 4 different molds). 1,- for cotton wick. I had beeswax so didn't spent anything on that.