Homemade Belt. (No Sew)





Introduction: Homemade Belt. (No Sew)

About: What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

Make your very own Belts without needles , Yarn or  Threads. Faster, and easier.
These ancient techniques came to my head when my Old leather Belt break up and almost my Pants fall down...( I dont see Fun In That)...Besides  Sewing is not one of my Barely Virtues.
Hold on thight and get started.

Fabrica en casa tus propios Cinturones y los de tu familia, no importa si la costura  no sea lo tuyo, no necesitaras hilo ni tampoco agujas.
De Nuevo el fuego brinda alternativas insospechadas para salir de apuros, en efecto, estos cinturones surgieron por una necesidad y una escacez de Cinturones en mi Guardaropa.
Y lo mejor Bueno, bonito y Barato.

Step 1: Stuff.

Sinthetic Belt.
Birthday Candle.
4 mms Wire.(Copper, Brass, Silver).
Iron Buckles.

Step 2: Measure, Cut & Melt.

Take the measure of your Whips and let 40 cms more.
Cut the belt.
Place the Buckles and Melt the edges, carefully with the Pliers Join the edge to the belt.

Simplemente toma la medida de tu cintura sumale 30 o 40 cms de mas segun tu gusto.
corta el cinturon , y derrite la punta del cinturon. Finalmente y con mucho cuidado junta la punta fundida con el cinturon no sin antes ubicar el las argollas o  herrajes en su lugar.

Step 3: Get in Business.

Nice and easy, besides there are a lot of possibilities and uses

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    Canvas flat belt with nylon.

    do you have a link for where I could find it?


    Thnk U...The green One Belt is Yours...

    That is ingenious. I've broken a lot of needles trying to sew through thick webbing. I'll definitely have to try this.

    1 reply

    Me Too...! Thnk u so much...i´ll do the same when u need it...

    Y muy comodos. So soft and Lights.

    esta espectacular