Homemade Bike Rack





Introduction: Homemade Bike Rack

Bike storage is an issue in every school, but not anymore! There is a quick, modern, and cheap way to have bike storage in all schools. This bike storage unit is made for the GCE Lab School. This was made in the class Rapid Prototyping. This bike storage costs less than twenty dollars! It is much more affordable than other bike storage solutions.

Step 1: Assemble

The items you will need are:

(This is to make one bike holder that holds two bikes. Multiply as needed.)

1. 1 flange piece

2. 1 3/4"X5" steel pipe

3. 1 tee shaped pipe

4. 1 14" wood pipe

5. 4 dry wall screws

Step 2: Tools

The tools you will need:

1. Drywall drill

2. Goggles

3. Saw

4. Drill

Step 3: Assembly and Cutting

1. Cut a half inch knot into your wood pipe

2. Drill a hole into the top part of your T

3. Put your pole through the T. You should have an even amount of room on both sides (7")

4. Screw your pole and T together

5. Screw your piece to the wall

See photos for step by step instructions.

Step 4: Recap

This solution for bike storage worked very well! The only thing I would change in this product is having a slightly longer pole. I used a 14" pole because of the room I was working with. For a bigger space I would recommend a longer pole. Make sure, if you do choose to go bigger, to have the same length on both sides.



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    13 Discussions

    So less items you used and so productive.

    It looks like it holds two bikes, the notch would be for where the tire goes. I agree, it would be nice to see a bike or two on it.

    2 replies

    Not a good idea to hang a bike by its tire; can warp.

    According to who? A bike wheel is designed to hold up a 200+ person without warping. You are saying if you hang the bike, that weighs 15-25 pounds, by the wheel that is somehow going to warp the wheel. I have been hanging pro quality bikes by their wheels for decades and have never had any problem with warping. Sounds like FUD to me.

    All the questions you guys are asking are good questions, but I will upload pictures of it actually in use as soon as I can. I do not have it at the moment but as soon as I do I will show you how it works. This product actually works. I will upload everything in the next week. Thanks for your patience.

    I don't see how this is supposed to work. The only picture with a bike in it shows that the bike is already in a stand. Is this merely supposed to stabilize the bike in a stand? If so, this would make it difficult to remove the bike when the stand gets full. Overall, it appears to me to actually be counterproductive.

    As everyone says, I can't see how what you've made actually works.

    better picture would be good, it looks like you took the front wheel off to hang it ,, I just pushed mine in the shed and leaned it against the wall ,cost $0.00,

    1 reply

    Yes, that is also very true, but this is made for indoors and outdoors. This is quick and out of the way solution. (up on the wall)

    I will be getting an image for you guys as soon as I can.

    Nice one, but how does it work?


    2 years ago

    Needs a picture of how the bike hangs!

    it would be great if we could see a picture of the bike rack holding a bike.