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Introduction: Homemade Bike

I collect all-terrain vehicle. 3WD

Step 1:

Let's start with the preparation of the assembly profile 20x20x2mm. Clear the rust. After that curled toward the benders with a diameter of 200 mm fold.

Step 2:

Putting mount the front fork of the motorcycle. We set the CV joint on a car. He will peredovat torque to the front wheel.

Step 3:

Putting the front fork. Use profile 60-40-2mm and 20-20-2mm. 47-20-14mm bearings. At its channel on YouTube there is a video assembly. But there is only a translation of subtitles. YouTube

Step 4:

Putting hub. We use a tube with a diameter of 57mm. Inside 50mm. We eat through a bearing on both sides. 52-25-15mm bearings. No pictures of the hub assembly, so use pictures hub from a small tricycle, which is now going. The only difference in length. I use Google translator, so sorry for the text.

Step 5:

Set the middle shaft. It distributes the torque from the engine to the all-wheel drive. The shaft diameter of 25mm. It established stars. Transposition chain from one pair to another pair of stars, Commission, and reduced or increased transfer.

Step 6:

The frame is painted. Putting tricycle.

Step 7:

ATV ready. It remains to check

Step 8:

Step 9:

Video of the first exit. This tricycle has already found a new owner. Who I am engaged in assembling tricycle 3x3VD with tires with a diameter of 27 inches.

Step 10:

Video from my Russian YouTube channel. There are subtitles. In this video, I collect rotation unit. I use constant velocity joints of the Oka car. On it I install the star 15 teeth for chain steps 15,875mm

Step 11:

Now I engaged in the creation of such a tricycle 3WD. Tires 27/12/12. I will lay out the steps of the assembly

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Step 12:




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    Can you give us an Instructables on your pipebender? That thing is awesome!

    Very cool project, and I'm sure a lot of fun. Thanks for listing it here on Instructables.com. Makes me think about trying something like this.

    I just had two comments, and my apologies if these have been stated once or many times by others already. First, I believe three-wheeler ATV vehicles were outlawed in the U.S. due to safety concerns regarding the single front wheel. Might be something to consider to make it a four-wheeler instead. Second, it really seems like it really should have some secondary form of locomotion when floating in the water, just counting on the wheels spinning in the water to move you forward does not seem like the best manner to move forward. Perhaps if you were able to switch to a propeller to move you through the water and then switch back to the wheels when back on land. Just a suggestion.

    2 replies

    I agree with this the wheel design could be altered to double as a paddlewheeler so no need to switch to proppeller

    Thank you. Also consider installing the propeller.

    FYI Three wheelers are not outlawed in the US at all. There is not one law on the books outlawing them. After the consumer safety commission started investigating the safety issues,(all problems stemming from young/ inexperienced/not respecting the type, capabilities of the machine) The manufacturer's decided not to sell them in the US after 1986, and stopped production completely in 1987 worldwide. To avoid any other issues/law suits. And told the dealers if they sold a 3 wheeler after 1986 they would take away there dealership status. 3 wheelers are completely legal to own, sell, ride and build, just not by a authorized dealer to this day. There is a company that builds and sells custom honda 450 3 wheelers. No more dangerous than a dirt bike or 4 Wheeler, you just have to have the common sense and respect for the machine you ride.
    After all it is a ATC (All Terrain Cycle)

    Wow, very impressive.

    Unfortunately, 3-wheel ATV(All Terrain Vehicle) were outlawed in the US in 1988; primarily due to stability issues when doing the AT part(All Terrain) of the Vehicle. Be careful, 3-wheel ATV have a tendency to tip/roll on hard left/right turns. This one looks way more stable with the front wheel forks extending farther front than common.

    And getting the Front-Wheel powered is a true engineering skill.

    It does look awesome, I want one.

    6 replies

    Thank you. Video assembly of the front drive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRUDi1HIiao

    Actually they were outlawed to SELL, they are still legal to own; in most states!! Also, most of the accidents with 3-wheelers were with young riders.

    They were not outlawed. I have 2 198 honda 125 ATC,s that I use on federal land and the rangers only want to make sure I wear a helmet and do not carry a passenger. You need to check your references...

    Technically, the ban ended at the end of 1997, but because of the consent decree and it's inherent admission that the form factor was unsafe, manufacturers have not begun making or marketing 3 wheel ATVs again.

    If you put the single wheel in the back, you solve the roll-out issue, but you complicate your design in other ways, especially steering and suspension. Those problems are amplified in an off-road vehicle because of the vertical travel of those components, which is most likely why 3 wheel vehicles are only being offered for road use.

    The instability manifests itself at high speeds when cornering. When the centrifugal force is trying to overturn the tricycle. It is slow-moving. maximum speed 35-40Km / h

    I like the bending jig; what are you doing that keeps the square tubing from undergoing inward deformation at the interior radii?

    1 reply

    The square tube 20 * 20 * 2mm in diameter 200mm bending without deformation. The pipe 30 * 30 * 2mm added sand and tamped.

    Want more stability widen the rear axle . Doesn't seem to be a problem here . Awesome machine . Well done and it seems a moderately skilled DIYer could build it easily now you have shown the way


    i love it! Though it may require a little practice with to drive properly. :)

    That exposed chain/sprocket is an accident waiting to happen imo...