Homemade Binocular Stand


Introduction: Homemade Binocular Stand

This a homemade binocular stand. I love to look at the night sky with binoculars but unfortunately it is hard to hold binoculars still. So I made this stand. I made it from:
  1.  Scrap of plywood. (Any shape any size)
  2. Triangular scrap of 2 by 12. (Any large piece of wood will work)
  3. Piece of 1by 1. (1 by 2 would also work)
  4. Two bolts and wing nuts. ( I used 5/16 but any thing less than 1/2 inch will work)
  5. One large washer. ( I didn't have a large washer so I drilled a hole in lid)
  6. One lab clamp. (these are a little expensive but you could use a large aligator clamp or some string if you would rather.

Hope everyone enjoys this.

P.S. This is my entry for the celestron space challenge so please vote for me if you like it.



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    an kids wading pool or toy inflatable boat work a charm. blow them up and rest your head on the edge.

    Nice Idea. I also like to look at the stars (and Jupiter!) with binoculars, and you're right, it is hard to hold them steady.