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This is the bo I made out of 5' of 1/2" metal electrical conduit.  It is fairly heavy, but light enough to wield.  I hammered a sanded down synthetic cork into one end to act as a stopper and taped it in. On the other end, I put a metal end cap from a paper towel holder.  For the grip, I wrapped duct tape at the 1/2 way mark.  Over all it is pretty good.  One downside is that it is pipe and can bend with an extremly hard blow.  Solid steel rod would be better but would also be heavier. Ah well...



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    Imagine if you can unscrew the middle part to get 2 batons.... Would be a more versatile weapon.

    scenario. opponent is too quick with counter and defense? one long stick not fast enough? how about double the rate... little by little, tap by tap, left and right, you win

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    on second thought, it should be less durable. but no problem if used to parry a downward strike rather than blocking it

    EMT may be good for practice because of its weight but any kind of real hit will bend it. While it may drive off an attacker its just as likely to just make them mad. A simple and quick alternative is to locate a hard rake with an ash handle, if its to short there are several ways to add on lenght. An added benefit is that rubber feet are available that will fit tightly on the bottom making it look more like a walking aid than a weapon. Im not a big fan of slide shows but you added an informative description as well... nicely done ..

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    Thank you! I'll have to look into those rake handles.

    What is a bo? I know what bow is, but those are not made of steel.

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    A bo is a staff used in ancient Okinawa during a time when weapons were banned. It was traditionally 6' long and 1" in diameter, and was used for self- defense.