Picture of Homemade Boot Brush
Why would anyone ever want to make their own boot brush you ask? Well, for one they can be quite expensive if you don't shop around. Another reason is that many of the so called boot brushes don't work very well, such as the cutesy animal with bristles on it's back, or the brushes don't make good contact over the whole boot or shoe.

I had been searching for cheap brushes for a few months to complete this project, but I hadn't found any reasonably priced broom heads or scrub brushed until last week. I spotted some cheap scrub brushes at Target that I thought would work perfectly.

So this project cost me a grand total of $4, with a few scrap materials thrown in.
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Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools.

Picture of Gather Materials and Tools.
- Flat screwdriver
- #2 Phillips screwdriver bit
- 5/32" twist bit
- 1/8" twist bit
- Drill
- Circular saw (table saw, miter saw, jig saw, whatever your favorite tool is for cutting plywood)

- #12 x 3/4" pan head sheet metal screws
- 2" construction screws
- 4 cheap scrub brushes
- 6 x 30" piece of 3/4" plywood. (or scrapsin the range of 3 - 4x6" and 1- 6x15")

Step 2: Disassemble the brushes

Picture of Disassemble the brushes
- Shove a flat bladed screwdriver into one of the slots on the bottom of the brush.

- Pry the brush from the handle

- When you pry the brush and handle far enough apart, grab the brush part in one hand, the handle part in the other, and pull to separate

Step 3: Cut the Plywood Pieces

Picture of Cut the Plywood Pieces
Cut the plywood into the following pieces with you favorite type of saw
2 - 4 x 4" Triangle supports
2 - 4 x 6" side brush holders
1 - 6 x 15" base

chuckstake4 months ago

thank u

knexlad2432 years ago
simple but easy , very good
abadfart6 years ago
nice my dad had one of these when i was a kid
xZCodmaNZx6 years ago
nice im gona use it on my 130$ leather hikeing boots
Vertigo6668 years ago
pretty good for baseball/soccer cleats
ongissim8 years ago
I bet you could also use this as a foot massager!