Introduction: Homemade Bull Pup Sholdermounted AirSoft Gun

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Lets face it guns are awesome, especially ones where you can legally shoot your friends without repercussions, and especially ones that you can make yourself on the fly. So today I am going to show you how to construct a pneumatic bull-pup style air-soft weapon that you can build even if strapped for cash.   

Step 1: The Nitty Gritty

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I cannot take credit for the initial design of the weapon myself, that belongs to the mind that is Nighthawkinlight, but I can take credit for making it extreme. First thing first you will be needing to assemble the Bull Pup gun which is very well described here. Secondly you will be needing an air source that is easy portable and has a high capacity, you could make one yourself, and in fact Nighthawkinlight also has a tutorial for that too. Though I would suggest against it, because even though it looks ridiculously cool it doesn't have the air capacity that a manufactured 5 gallon air tank has, yet I would love to see his design made professionally out of metal and if that was done it could be used in a number of applications ranging from Airsoft to paintball to construction. But i digress, once you get an air tank, whatever one you deiced on using, you will need a backpack to carry it in. I'd use what you have available but if you need to get one id suggest obtaining an old military style canvas bag, so you look like a boss tearing up the battlefield with your homemade widow maker.

Step 2: Basics

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So by now you should have something like so.

You want a bottle that allows the bb's to flow smoothly along the contours of the bottle, so no bottles with sharp edges.

Step 3: Meating the Bones

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Next you are going to want to methodically add layer upon layer of paper mache over your bull pup structure, making sure that the previous layer is completely dry before adding another. There are many different formulas for paper mache out there yet I found the easiest, safest and cheapest is still flour and water though I would suggest adding oil of cloves into the batch in order to prevent molding indefinitely

You also want a general idea of what you want your final boom stick to look like. I would highly suggest .looking up concept gun designs in order to spark your creative juices.

Step 4: Taking Shape

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Next I added cardboard to shape the gun. 

Step 5: Adding Skin

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Next I wrapped the cardboard in electrical tape, though one could continue to paper mache or go some other route.

Step 6: Finished

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This is what it looks like completed. Lock and load.


em100 (author)2013-05-05

you copied kipkay

The Cartographer (author)em1002013-05-05

Well, much respect to kipkay and his awesome idea.

Aron313 (author)2012-05-19

Thats awesome but make a video!

The Cartographer (author)Aron3132012-05-28

On the very last step there's a linked video attached.

Aron313 (author)The Cartographer2012-05-30

Thats looks awesome but not very accurate haha!

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