Homemade CO2 Generator PART 2 OUT OF 2





Introduction: Homemade CO2 Generator PART 2 OUT OF 2

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Please watch Homemade CO2 Generator Part 1!! This shows will tell you about the diffusor.



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    Take a plastic soda bottle(small or big your perference), cut its bottom off and attach the neck opening to the excurrent(output) of the powerhead and point the excurrent downward. so what you get are co2 bubbles that want to float up but the powerhead excurrent pushes them back down keeping them floating up and down in the water. the sides of the bottle keep the bubbles in one spot where they will always float up toward the excurrent to get pushed back down again. now inject the co2 directly into the incurrent of the powerhead so they get chopped up real small by the impeller AND! get forced out and can only hover up and down in the water and you have 100% dissolved co2.

    the best way to diffuse CO2, if you are using a cannister filter is to inject a CO2 bubble into a water intake tube. The bubble will be broken up into many very small bubbles by the impeller, and than, the small bubbles will have a long time to be dissolved as they travel through the filter. In my setup the bubbles completely dissolve in water most of the time.

    takes "time" to come up with stuff

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