Homemade CO2 PART 1 OUT OF 2





Introduction: Homemade CO2 PART 1 OUT OF 2

This is how to make a homemade carbon dioxide generator for your aquarium plants. Please comment. THIS VIDEO BELONGS TO QUAQA88 OF YOUTUBE



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Questions & Answers


I cant see your video is listed as private by youtube

help plants and kill the fish.

Don't forget to check your PH level. When you inject CO2 in the aquarium, PH will drop a bit. If you don't do so, it might kill your fish

ive tried this and it didnt work suggestions

 It's not a reaction, yeast is alive, and basically once it eats the sugar, it farts out CO2. =D

"...and they get very happy."

You can speed up the reaction by warming the water up a little before. Yeast grows the fastest at about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Be careful not to make it too hot though cuz you can kill the yeast. BTW the reaction is fermentation. The yeast is turning the sugar and water into alcohol.

Yeah, you get the EXACT same reaction with beer/wine ect ect ;)

Instead of / or to use with the check valve, I use a second bottle for the gas to pass through first to act as an overfull catch can. Helps to stop any mess getting into the tank