Step 2: The Filling

Picture of The Filling
You're going to be really astounded at how easy this is. 

Cream together the corn syrup, butter and vanilla. 

Sift in the confectioner's powdered sugar and beat until incorporated.

Ok yeah, that was it. 

Now to get fancy and separate the filling into whites and yolks!

Take out about a third of the filling and stir in some yellow food coloring.  Now you're done!

Put the two bowls in the fridge, as they're easier to work with once they're set up a little.
cmcgee-14 years ago
I have a question. How do you make the yellow part orange flavored?
I've got some Chili and Lime chocolate.. so I was thinking of making the filling from dessicated coconut (plus coconut essence if you like a stronger coconut flavour) and sugar fondant for the white and rehydrated mango pieces.. (mashed - somehow make a fondant from that) for the yellow...
You could try adding orange essence, or even mix in some orange juice or squash!
elizaio3 years ago
Can I hand-whisk this or do I need an electric blender?