Step 5: Alternative Method

Picture of Alternative Method
If you aren't using molds, you can try this method.

Melt the chocolate + 2 teaspoons of shortening in the microwave in short bursts until just melted. 

Either dip fillings into the chocolate with a fork and let set on parchment, or skewer the fillings and dip them that way (a'la cake pops).

Once the chocolate is set, you can dip them again for an extra chocolatey shell!
xProShotx4 years ago
This is really great and all but im from the uk and i was wondering if you have to put in shortening as i dont think that you can get it over here. i would really appreciate a response :)
You can substitute any solid fat for the shortening.... the best is probably coconut oil (look in larger Tescos in the international foods section - about £1.60 for 500g), if you have an Asian/Indian food store in your area then they will most likely have either coconut oil (and sometimes shortening in the larger ones). =)
Butter/margarine works great as a shortening substitute, ironic since it's usually meant to be the other way around.
scoochmaroo (author) 4 years ago
Do you have Cookeen, Flora White or Trex? I just turned those up from a google search. You could also substitute most other fats that are solid at room temperature - coconut oil, lard, etc.