Homemade Candy (Conversation) Hearts

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Step 4: Stamp Messages

Picture of Stamp Messages
Once the hearts are completely dry you can stamp them with what ever message you would like.

**You can see in picture #1 that the hearts are not dry if they are two-toned. Do not stamp these hearts until they are dry!

Using a clean and new paint brush spread a thin layer of food coloring onto a small saucer. Press small, clean and new letter stamps into the food coloring and stamp onto the hearts! Repeat until you have stamped all the messages you want.

Let the food coloring dry before eating to avoid red lips and tongue!! :P

these are super cool and east to make the perfect gift after I made them they looked so tempting but i couldn't eat them they weren't dry ???thx so much for the recipie

t2172652 years ago
Love it!
wold630 (author)  t2172652 years ago
JamesMD2 years ago
dkiehl2 years ago
Have you tried a food dehydrator to accelerate drying? maybe set your oven to 170, let it get up to temp, turn off oven, let the oven drop to 120 deg place hearts on a cookie sheet, then place them into the oven until dry.
suayres2 years ago
Very nice! I especially like that you can flavor them to your own taste. Also, an aside: for those who have corn allergies (as does my daughter), most confectioner's sugar contains cornstarch. BUT, most health food stores, as well as stores such as Trader Joe's, sell confectioner's sugar made with tapioca starch instead. Also, an acceptable substitute for corn syrup would be 100% cane syrup, or the easier-to-find Lyle's golden syrup. Thank you for this recipe--for the first time in years, my daughter will be getting conversation hearts for Valentine's day. Again, THANK YOU!
Brilliant! Luv u. Be mine!
amy-sue2 years ago
I LOVE this... I was just thinking yesterday that I wanted to customize some Valentine's candy with special messages. There are companies that you can order customized hearts and chocolates from, but its ridiculously expensive. This is a perfect solution!