Picture of Homemade Cannon Fuse
I've seen several methods to make cannon fuse; some professional grade, some DIY. Of all of these methods even the DIY ones often require materials that aren't easily obtained such as gun powder. As is always my way, here I showcase an incredibly simple method for making truly homemade cannon fuse without all the fuss and expense. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
As always I try to make instructables with truly household items so the following materials should all be readily available.


2: Pliers. They will be used to remove the match heads from the wooden sticks. It is your preference as to needle nose or not.
3: Container(sealable): I have pictured a film canister and a small chemical bottle from an old chemistry kit, its again your preference as to the type of container.
4: Grinder. I use a micro mortar and pestle which are ideal, however any device that can safely grind the material to a fine mesh is suitable as long as little to no heat is generated. So a coffee grinder IS NOT safe as the heat generated can cause a small explosion.
5: String. As it's been a while since I have made these I no longer remember which material the string I used was. As it will be coated in a propellant the base material does not have to be highly flammable, however WOOL IS NON FLAMMABLE and as such should be avoided. 
6: Stirrer. I use a match stick and a pocket clip from a pen, but really anything will work. 
7: Mixing Bowl. Any small bowl will work so its up to you as far as material and size, but smaller is usually better depending on the batch size.
8: Water/Alcohol. Yes there is a reason there was a shot glass in the picture. A solvent will be needed, either water or rubbing alcohol. both will work but rubbing alcohol has the advantage of evaporating more quickly.
9: Optional-- Funnel. Just to make it easier to pour out the ground powder into the container for storage.
ChrisH2311 days ago

If your in the UK might be easier just to buy some visco fuse... check

MatheKiller1 month ago

jo bro question i have a cannon with a extrem small fuse hole can u make a tuto on how to make a very thin fuse?

this make ultra fine fuses, hope it helps ;-)

Lorddrake1 year ago
can you wax coat the fuse to provide it with protection against moisture?
Grim123 (author)  Lorddrake1 year ago
I actually was wondering that myself but haven't gotten around to testing it. In theory it would work but if you we're to try I would recommend double if not tripple coating the string with propellant before adding wax. A single coat of propellant is enough for a standard fuse but might not have enough power for it to be coated in wax. If you do try I'd love to hear your reults.
or try mixing some of your propellant into the wax so even the wax layer will help the fuse to burn hotter. just a thought.
Grim123 (author)  Lorddrake1 year ago
That's also a very interesting idea I haven't thought of. I'll have to whip up a batch one of these days. I'll try to get some burn tests up with these ideas against the basic fuse and see how they perform. Thanks for some great new ideas.
This is great! It is a lot more simple than other tutorials that I've seen. I can't wait to try it.
Grim123 (author)  Mythbuster Kid1 year ago
That was my goal :). Hope you enjoy and have fun. If you ever need any help just let me know.