Step 6: Enjoy your Fine Tasty Beverage and Share Your Recipie!

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Taste your tasty beverage. Know that you are enjoying something that is not filled with phosphoric acid and mercury laden corn syrup. Feel free to try a plethora of flavors. I have carbonated a number of juices from concentrate, grapefruit juice from my fathers grapefruit tree, even prune juice!!! You could also flavor your simple syrup and make Italian sodas. Heck, if you are going to flavor your simple syrup, use it in your lattes. I have made no calorie soda using Organic Zero, though it doesn't make a simple syrup, it can be added as granules because it dissolves rapidly. This project also helps reuse those 2 liter PET bottles! they do have a limited useful life so be sure to recycle them after reusing them a lot. When the creases on the sides of the bottle are really noticeable, it is probably time to recycle them or re-purpose them.

Please post your own variations in the comments! Tell us how you flavored it, what proportions you used, and what non-aspartame based sweetener you used!
doomsdayltd5 years ago
so this isn't just a how to make soda tutorial its how to make ORGANIC soda tutorial...sweet!
TSellers221 year ago

Bump, I found that when adding my Calamasi syrup to commercial Sparkling Water or generic Club Soda, it tends to make it go flat quickly. So with the system I just got assembled today, I'm planning to add the syrup first, then carbonate, although I did note that this instructable mentions that better results were achieved by adding the syrup post-carbonation. Guess I'll have to try both and see what gives the best results.

el kabong5 years ago
Why is it that you carbonate the water before adding the syrup and flavorings? Wouldn't you get a more consistent result if you carbonated after all the ingredients are mixed?
iyore el kabong4 years ago
I just finished some root beer and I did the following:
1. chilled water (overnight)
2. added syrup (mix/shake/rattle/roll/etc.
3. chilled some more (overnight)
4. Carbonated; I am using a kegging system so this took 4 days.
5. Voila nice taste.
Would this process work with non-sugared flavorings, say like Stevia or Xylitol?
red9er6 years ago
how would you make a root beer flavor?