Homemade Chicken Nuggets


Introduction: Homemade Chicken Nuggets

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I have been trying to watch my almost girlish figure.  It is quite manly at the moment.  But Im going to admit it, sometimes homegirl here needs her fix of fast food.  "What was that? These Taco Bell tacos are only 35% beef?..... Good enough for me!"  That is typically my motto.  Sometimes gravitate to things like Taco Bell and McDees with no shame. (okay, maybe a little shame).

But since giving up in these vices, which still saddens me, I have started whipping up things to replace them... thus the home made nugget came along thanks to my friend Giselle! I just put the meat through my meat grinder, seasoned the hell out of them, shaped them into the fun little nuggies,  breaded them in coconut flour and fried 'em up in olive oil lightly to brown, then threw them in the oven for a hearty baking.  and VOILA!  Nuggets!  only these nuggets aren't made with preservatives, synthetic ingredients, flavor enhancers, a variety of plastics, and unused bone fragments from a plethora of random farm animals! 

This recipe is a bit of work, but totally worth it (for your gut).



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    oh yes. I should do that. This was originally part of Cloude's Photo contest so I didn't bother.

    Recipe coming!

    These definitely look good! Thanks for sharing!

    I presume these are paleo-friendly? Not that would stop me from eating these... These look good! I'm a sucker for all variations of fried chicken.

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    They are. I'm hesitant to put the word Paleo anywhere on this for fear of everyone yelling at me and lecturing me that it's not "TRUE" paleo. i get scared by others easily.

    I even made the sweet and sour sauce too! Next batch i make, I'll do a ton, and freeze some and bring em in for you!

    You shouldn't let others push you around. You have something that most of them don't.... see that little button next to reply? The one that says "delete"?

    I'm confused about grinding perfectly good chicken breasts into a pulp rather than making chicken fingers from whole cuts of meat.

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    Its purely textural. For me having nuggets is more fun than chicken strips, and it feeds into my desire to eat really bad Chicken Nuggets from those golden arches. Plus, you can really season the meat and infuse flavor into them in a completely different way, much like sausage!

    mmmm sausage.....

    Most awesome!! I have thought about this for a while but couldn't convice myself (and the wife). You've convinced me.

    P.S. I still liked the self-tapered haircut idea. =-)

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    hahah! awesome and awesome! They were great! i highly reccomend it!