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Introduction: Homemade Chocolate Eggs

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This prank could be done in a variety of ways. We decided to go with mostly boiled eggs instead of raw because of the messiness factor and other potential health issues. I also decided that if the tables were turned, I might be more pissed off than anything if I were trying to bite into a raw egg. A hard boiled egg makes it easier to laugh at. With pranks there can be a fine line between funny and mean and when setting up a prank for work, you definitely don't want to fall into the "mean" category.

You can also hollow the eggs out by putting small holes at either end, covering one and using the other to fill the egg with some random substance like toothpaste or glitter, and then covering the last hole so nothing leaks before dipping.

We likely won't be bringing Cas along with the eggs, but I kept thinking about those old Cadbury commercials with the different animals wearing bunny ears and I couldn't resist. See our Instructable for bunny ears for more.

Step 1: Materials

-Eggs (you can use raw, hardboiled, partially boiled, hollow or fake)

-Melting chocolate for dipping/making chocolate shells

-Tin foil (in various colors if you can find it)

-Other items you want to dip (olives can pass for various berries)

Step 2: Melt Chocolate

Follow the melting directions for your chocolate brand. I used the almond bark chocolate, so I melted it on low heat until it was smooth and added a little vegetable shortening to it to make it a little thinner.

Step 3: Coat Eggs

When the chocolate is melted, remove from heat and immediately begin coating your eggs and other items. Place on wax paper to dry. I spooned a little more chocolate over the eggs to make sure it was well coated and looked smooth.

I also decided to dip a jalapeno and a couple garlic cloves, which could be passed off as dried orange slices.

Step 4: Wrap

After your chocolates are dried, gently wrap them in foil---you want a Cadbury Creme Egg smoothness to your wrapping. Actually, if you happen to have any of those wrappers, use those instead. Or Kinder Eggs if you can find them.

This probably won't work for the type of chocolate that makes a shell (think Dairy Queen) but I was able to carve the excess chocolate off the eggs without damaging them. I was also able to smooth some of the excess chocolate onto the eggs in places were they needed more covering.

For each egg I used a small square of tin foil, placed the tip of the egg in the center and wrapped upside down. I smoothed out the foil as much as I could to give it a nice eggy-shape.

Step 5: Final Touches

For some final touches, we decided to get a cheap Easter basket ($1.50 at Target) and some of that decorative grass ($1.00 at Target) and set up an Easter Basket to leave out for our unsuspecting friends.

I kind of think the more effort (and candy) put into your prank, the more believable it will be. So I intend to add some small candy eggs to the basket before putting it out at work.

If our roommate gets to these before she sees the Instructable I'll be sure to add photos :-D



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    do you leave the shells on? I tried this and peeled them... the chocolate is just sliding off... any suggestions on how to keep it sticking?

    1 reply

    I actually left the shells on, for some reason peeling didn't even occur to me until after my roommate said something. But I think if you use the right kind of chocolate (like the DQ shell stuff) it could stay put. Or maybe coat the peeled eggs in flour?

    What a waste of chocolate!

    - From a chocolate fan

    What a cute "chuckhog." That's what one of my sons used to call these creatures. He combo'd woodchuck and hedgehog, lol. Love chocolate, love this prank and yes, better with a cooked egg cause they might start throwing them at you!

    @A_ steingrube I haven't heard that before. You learn something new everyday. Thanks!

    @ashleyjlong my husband did stick them in the fridge, just letting the eggs cool off after boiling created a bit of a smell.

    Should these go in the fridge until it's time to spring the joke? It's going to be an unpleasant surprise either way, I'm just hoping your whole house won't smell like egg by the time she cracks one open! ;)

    If anyone decides to use glitter, find the stuff that is meant to be on cakes and cookies (ie edible). Normal glitter is sharp enough to perferate your digestive tract...