Homemade Chocolate Shell Ice Cream Topping!

Just like Magic Shell without the list of ingredients!

I just bought an itty-bitty bottle of magic shell...I just wanted some.
It was expensive for just a tiny bit of topping. I knew there was a better way.

Step 1: Ingredients:

Only 2 ingredients:
2 TBSP Coconut oil

1 CUP Chocolate chips!

I used dark chocolate because its my fav.

Just add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to a glass jar or double boiler.
Add the chocolate chips. Microwave for 30 seconds, then stir and microwave again.

Or use a double boiler until melted together.

It stores great in a jar...perfect for later.
If it rehardens, just quickly heat it up.

for all those who don't have cocunot oil (aka me) ,you can use vegetable oil great instructable:O ♦
<p>Thank You I was about to ask that Question but then I saw yours :)</p>
Worked out Perfect. So perfect that when i showed my girlfriend how it came out i never got my bowl back. Shes a big coconut everything fan. i spread over Rocky Road ice cream, she said it tasted like an almond joy. Great Post, Thanx.
Aaaaw ice cream HAVE 2 TRY!! LUV IT
Can you do that on strawberries
<p>A grand easy tutorial,...Yum Yum Yummm!.</p>
Hey I love dark chocolate to I think it was very creative and I love idea's like this hope to here more treats
Hi! I entered the frozen treats contest and i haven't seen it in the entries list, I got a notification saying it would take up to 24 hours but I was checking to see how long yours took to be viewed online on the entries list.. Thanks:)
Most delicious inscrutable I have ever made! Came out awesome thank you!
<p>This looks so good!</p>
<p>Yes, it is so good! :)</p>
<p> I love that stuff!! You are right... so expensive for such a small amount. I have gotta try this. Thanks so much for sharing!!</p>
<p>Thanks! Yep, this is the way to do it! Try adding other mixins too--cookie pieces or peanut butter!</p>
It works!
<p>Yay! Next time try adding some peanut butter too--or other fun mix-ins! :)</p>
<p>voted. awesome work as usual</p>
<p>Thanks! :)</p>
<p>Ooo yum Thanks for sharing. Going to have to try this. :)</p>
<p>Yes--it is worth trying every day! :)</p>
That's all it takes?! So much easier than I expected
<p>Yes, super easy and way less expensive than store bought stuff! :)</p>
<p>That is so neat! It worked great and I voted for you.</p>
<p>Yay! I am glad you tried it! I love it and it makes up fast so it's always the right choice for ice cream! :)</p>
<p>Such a good and HEALTHY idea. Check out the book &quot;The Coconut Oil Miracle&quot; by Bruce Fife for more info on coconut oil benefits :) Dark chocolate has many good benefits too...especially raw chocolate. </p>
<p>Yes, I love that too! I am so good with food that is higher in fat as long as there isn't a huge list of unknowns in there as well! :)</p>

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