Homemade Coaxial Antenna Cable





Introduction: Homemade Coaxial Antenna Cable

Hello yet again readers!

today i'll be showing you how to make some really simple homemade coaxial cable, for FPV antennas n' stuff.

but first, a bit of a disclaimer: i don't know anything about what makes antenna cable "good", but i see no reason why this wouldn't work fine.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Get Your Stuffs Together

Alright, so this is what you'll need:

a piece of solid copper wire. or in my case, .8 mm copper-coated MIG welding wire(that stuff's really useful)

electrical tape

copper foil tape. or i guess you could use aluminium tape, but then you wouldn't be able to solder it.

heatshrink tubing, or more electrical tape.

Step 2: Can't for the Life of Me Come Up With a Good Title for This Step

cut a piece of electrical tape as long as the copper wire, and about 1cm(~0.4") wide.

then roll it around the copper wire as tightly as possible.

Step 3: Copper Time.

now do the same thing with the copper tape.

what? not all steps have to be complicated.

Step 4: Adding the "heat" to Heatshrink

cut a piece of heatshrink tubing long enough to cover the whole wire, then do that.

or just use more electrical tape, that'd probably work fine.

Step 5: Aaaaand, That's It!

so, that's it. you're done!

i guess you could technically add as many layers of copper and tape as you want, so you could make a 42-layered cable and antenna to discover the secrets of the universe.

and if you do discover something interesting, leave a comment ;)



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Very creative and instructive. I'm the first to admit I know very little about this area but isn't using salvaged coax easier?

Well, it would be. but i couldn't find any.

Cool. I was just wondering. I'm still impressed with your creativity!