Step 4: Making the Coconut Syrup

Now you're going to make the sugar syrup. If you really don't want to add sugar to the recipe, you don't have to (but you'll be missing out on some flavor, it won't be particularly sweet, and it might take a little longer), simply divide the coconut into the two jars (might even fit into one) and pour on the rum.

Sugar syrup, I've found though, is the way to go with these for 'sweet' infused spirits (fruit spirits, not so much pepper or chile vodka).

1. Combine the sugar and water in the medium saucepot if you haven't already
2. Put on stove over medium high heat. You're going to want to stay put and watch, as it'll go fast. You want to completely dissolve the sugar into the water, then simmer away some of the water. It will get cloudy then go clear.
3. Let simmer about two minutes. You do NOT want it to start turning brown (making sugar syrup, not caramel) a little color won't hurt it, but that's not what we're going for.
4. Add the coconut and stir to combine. It's going to look pretty 'dry' since there's more coconut than syrup, but it will cook down a little. I had a particularly high yielding coconut so it almost didn't look like enough, but your mileage may vary.
5. Let simmer another couple minutes then remove from heat.
6. Let cool a bit before proceeding...sugar is VERY hot.
<p>Does anybody know if you can do the same recipe as in here but with Tequila??? Please let me know soon if this would work for tequila...</p>
Sure,there's no reason this wouldn't work for tequila (or vodka, for that matter)<br><br>I'd probably just use a silver tequila for this, though, nothing aged or too strongly flavored.
<p>Hi Rum lovers,</p><p>We have made extensive testing and trials and best way to spice up a neutral good Rum is to use some Cinnamon extract (have some quality sweet Cinnamon sticks soak in high degree alcohol for several months) + some Vanilla extract. If you add a tiny hint of Molasses (only a pinch) or good Honey, that will do wonders - but beware - both can create bottom sidiments so be carefull how you do, or make a decantation after one week to be on the safe side.</p><p>I you mature with some toasted oak - better</p><p>Good luck !!</p>
<p>I love my Capt. Morgans Spiced Rum. My favorite Trader Joes has a good rum (not spiced) for $10.00 less. What is a good way to spice up my TJ's rum? Thanks</p>
To speed up the process place the jars in the freezer at night while you sleep and take them out in the morning. Old moonshiner's trick.
the shop selling coconut already crack the hard shell, do I still need to put it in the oven to dry it?
how do you guys ever get a good coconut ever time I buy one its rotten
Then return it and get a new one test the coconut before you buy it
Guess what??? It tastes AWESOME. MMMmmmmm. *goes off to buy more pineapple juice*
Mmmm.. Pina Colada
2 years ago I infused a bottle of Vodka with cherries freshly plucked from the tree in our colony. Forgot about it but found it last week when cleaning up. It was standing way inside the cupboard, almost impossible to spot. Thinking that it must've been spoilt after this long time I took a sip and it's AWESOME! So I find this instructable very interesting and inspirating. Infusing your own drinks gives flavors that can't be store bought.
Hi, thanks for reading! There's definitely no reason you can't let these go a good long time, but I think you'll run into a point where you've gotten everything out of the fruit you're going to. I'd have to look into it, but I imagine you don't even HAVE to decant off of the flavoring ingredients if you don't want to for whatever reason (I dunno, it'd look neat to have a whole row of infused spirit bottles you did yourself!). If you're going to do that, I'd recommend giving the bottles a shake every now and then to move things around: the fruit at the top, partially exposed to air, might begin to mold and rot. This might be an even bigger problem as you pour off the liquor as you drink it. Eventually the fruit will become 'beached' and at that point you should decant. I've got a recipe somewhere for an orange brandy that I think said to stash it under the sink for at least three months! Oddly enough, I think that was when I realized "Hey wow, you can do this stuff??"

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