Homemade Coke





Introduction: Homemade Coke

I last week I went to a science camp, and we made soda. I found the recipe delicious and it was super easy. Hope you like!
Sugar (not powdered)
Lemon juice
Vanilla extract

Step 1: Dry

Pour desired amounts of sugar and cinnamon into a cup. I used 2 tsp. sugar and a pinch of cinnamon

Step 2: Wet

Add vanilla and lemon juice. I used about an eighth of a tsp. of each.

Step 3: Finish With Fizz

Pour in seltzer and bam! You have homemade coke. Delicious, easy and fun, plus healthier than diet coke, it is delicious. There are so many favors you can use! Even Kool-Aid!

P.S. Sorry for no pictures



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    7 Discussions

    Wow so easy now I know why people get paid so much.

    This sounds really good, plus it has the advantage of knowing what's really in there! Gotta try this one.

    Wow just tried this. Amazing tastes soooo good with so little sugar, I can drink coke again!!