Homemade Coping Saw





Introduction: Homemade Coping Saw

This time I will make a small Coping Saw with some plywood scraps and a pair of screws.

This is how the SketchUp file looks like, you can download it for free in my web.


Step 1: Cut Along the Lines

Now let's see how to make it! Glue the printable template onto the plywood and cut along the lines.

Run the piece through the drill press drum to sand the curved shapes, and round the edges with the router.

Step 2: Mechanize

Next, we drill a through hole with a 4mm drill bit and countersink.

Now, we do a channel with the exact thickness of the two washers and the blade width.

We cut and glue two pieces to make the handle more ergonomic.

Sand the handle as well as the Coping Saw. We Will apply varnish later. The final step is to assemble all the pieces, align both washers and put the screws in with wing nuts.

Let's put our blade applying a little pressure to ensure the blade is tight. First we will try it on a piece of wood with a big tooth blade, and now we try it on a piece of acrylic with the thinnest blade I have.



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Do you have a design that works on "life"? I could use some coping for that...

"Life"? Check out his website for plans

Awesome coping saw! This is one of the tools I use a lot. It would be cool to make a custom-grip handle.

Very nice work. It looks great, Great job..

You could also use this with a small wire for a free hand foam cutter

Realy nice great job!!!