Step 3: The Trigger Mechanism

Picture of The Trigger Mechanism
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The trigger mechanism is a little tricker then the other steps, but still kinda easy. the trigger mechanism is about 3" long (from top to bottom). the trigger is pointed on one end to fit the notch. the side supports are about 2" long and 1 1/2" wide, I used 1/4" thick molding. we used a 5/16" bit, but just make sure that the bolt is a little smaller than the hole in the trigger. the trigger should be able to pivot on the bolt. Drill two small holes near the bottom of each support where you will screw the supports to the stock later.

To place the trigger mechanism, assemble it by placing the trigger between the two supports and threading the bolt through the two supports and the trigger. Place the supports close enough to the notch, and high enough on the stock in order to allow the trigger to pivot freely, with the pointed end of the trigger resting in the bottom of the notch. mark the location of the supports with a pencil, then drill through the existing holes in the supports into the stock. attach the supports on the stock with screws

I wanted to prevent the trigger from releasing accidentally (and potentially hurting my older brother =) LOL), so I wrapped two long rubber bands around the front of the trigger supports to the back end of the stock. This holds the trigger down until I press down on the end.