Homemade DIY Aquarium Filter





Introduction: Homemade DIY Aquarium Filter

This is a very efficient homemade filter. It has mechanical, biological and chemical filtration all in one. Pump will be needed. Maximum time to make(If you have all materials): 15 minutes. THIS VID BELONGS TO QUAQA88 OF YOUTUBE



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    Sorry! Is it me? But I can not get the video to display

    I can't get it to play either. lol

    great idea -simplicity and good function -you are a very good communicator and covered all the angles -ignore comments that nitpick -this is a concept construction and i think its great

    Fontain pump maybe not ideal for this. My fountain/waterfall pump broke when I could not keep water clean enough in my terrarium fountain. :/

    Does the pump ever clog up with debris?

    MUUUy bueno Paco!!

    good job , i think you need change de plastic tube pieces for ceramic pieces or balls of ceramic ,filter better but your idea is simply and great and dont need spend too money fork give a good life for we little friends the fish :)

    OK so the only reason to really ever change a filter is for fresh "physical" filter? Do you ever have to replace the carbon and how often? and on the carbon note ... why not just put it in the foot of a pair of panty hose and throw it right in the top? (cutting the excess off of course)

    Not my thread, but FYI, carbon efficiency is rapidly depleted, and shortly after it is installed it does nothing to improve water quality, therefore being a waste of your hard earned money.
    Generally speaking, the biological filter within the substrate of your aquarium provide all the chemical "cleansing" you need, while the mechanical filter (that fibrous filter media) removes solids.
    This comes from twenty years in the aquarium hobby, both fresh and salt water, and can also be substantiated by pros at http://www.aquariumadvice.com
    This is a great article, but you DO want to be careful placing metals (the staple) into your aquarium.
    Thanks and good luck!

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