DIY Magnetic Jack/Plug for Any Purpose (No Soldering)


Introduction: DIY Magnetic Jack/Plug for Any Purpose (No Soldering)

Hello friends..

Watch the video to see how it works in action here:

Step 1: How It's Done..

After designing the jack, and 3D printing it, put a drop of a glue under the magnet, then insert the copper sheet and bend it in both ways as you see in the pictures. drill a hole where the screw should go (in the copper sheet) Use metal M3 screws to fix the wires that you will connect..

This design is for a 1mm thickness/5mm diameter magnet.

If you want my STL file of the design, just drop me a comment.

Happy connecting!



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    As you see in the video, you can choose if you want it to attract in both ways or only one way like mine..

    That's awesome man, excelent ideea.

    I have a car camera and i'm afraid to keep plugging on and off the power connector as it will eventually tear.

    I tried the 5 pin usb cable you are showing in the video, but it cannot get enough power to the device (connecting to a smartphone and using ampere it gives max 500 mah).

    This should ensure enough juice for the camera.

    How can i get my hands on 1 or 2 plugs?

    Thank you :)

    1 reply

    Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

    Actually I have the 5 pin usb magnetic jack, and it gives more than 500 mah, maybe you just didn't get lucky with that one.. What I showed in the video is the built in Mac charging cable that comes with all Macbooks.

    Send me a message Where do you live so we can communicate and see how to fix this :)

    This is the same principle, but a bit more "vintage", than the power connector of Macbooks.

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    Actually they use moving needles, and one magnet side with another metal side.. I like my design more (not because I made it) but because it has no moving parts with the ability to make it goes only one direction or both :)

    Hope you liked it :)

    Hi Rajaa,

    This is so F'in brilliant for easy hook up and would be good for quick disconnect power to breadboards and the like as well - extremely nice!

    Gotta find a way to make something like this without a 3D-printer :)

    Talk to you later.

    1 reply

    Hi nabo!

    I'm glad you like it! exactly, it's extremely useful in these cases..

    If you want, I can make a few of them and send them to you with magnets by post.. Just let me know if so :)