Picture of Homemade Dandelion Coffee.
How to make your own coffee from the weeds in your garden.

Step 1: Find some nice big dandelions.

Picture of Find some nice big dandelions.
All you have to do is find some nice big dandelions preferably more than 1 year old.
Digg them out and chop of the roots. (Bytheway You can use the leaves for a nice salade)
delsus11 days ago

I tried this a few days ago with very small roots from dandelions I found on a forest path. I cleaned them and also removed the brown parts of the roots (I didn't know I could leave them on)

The result was incredibly tasty and it wasn't even sour ! (I didn't add anything to it)

I was happily surprised !

jhone11 year ago
If you coarse lay grind the roots before roasting, then finely grind them after, they almost completely dissolve in the hot water. I love this drink and it is good for me.
elkliko (author)  jhone11 year ago
Thanx jhone1 i will try it that way.
ZeBadger2 years ago
Does it actually taste like coffee?
elkliko (author)  ZeBadger2 years ago
It does resemblance to coffee in appearance and taste on some way although it is a drink of its own, this is a substitute for coffee like ground roasted chicory root and some roasted grain coffee's which are sold commercially. Only this one is easy to make by your self.
Mr. E Meat2 years ago
I simmer the roots for about 20 minutes. Love this stuff! Nice instructable!
Kiteman2 years ago
My elderly aunt drinks this as, she says, a healthy alternative to coffee.

I tried it once.

Just once.