How to make your own coffee from the weeds in your garden.

Step 1: Find Some Nice Big Dandelions.

All you have to do is find some nice big dandelions preferably more than 1 year old.
Digg them out and chop of the roots. (Bytheway You can use the leaves for a nice salade)
Thank you!?
<p>I tried this a few days ago with very small roots from dandelions I found on a forest path. I cleaned them and also removed the brown parts of the roots (I didn't know I could leave them on)</p><p>The result was incredibly tasty and it wasn't even sour ! (I didn't add anything to it)</p><p>I was happily surprised !</p>
If you coarse lay grind the roots before roasting, then finely grind them after, they almost completely dissolve in the hot water. I love this drink and it is good for me.
Thanx jhone1 i will try it that way.
Does it actually taste like coffee?
It does resemblance to coffee in appearance and taste on some way although it is a drink of its own, this is a substitute for coffee like ground roasted chicory root and some roasted grain coffee's which are sold commercially. Only this one is easy to make by your self.
I simmer the roots for about 20 minutes. Love this stuff! Nice instructable!
My elderly aunt drinks this as, she says, a healthy alternative to coffee. <br> <br>I tried it once. <br> <br>Just once.

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