Homemade Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System





Introduction: Homemade Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System

This is a DIY Deep Water Culture hydroponics. This is the first Hydroponics system that I built. the parts are easy and cheep to find. If you would like to see the progress of my hydrofarm please visit my Blog. www.robertbrennan.ca



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    this looks great how deep is the water dose it go to top of baskits and what nutes do u use what streth

    I Like this system very much. Nice info good job

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    Hi, the only practical place that I can put a system like this is in my outbuilding. It is usually frost free but otherwise follows the ambient temperature. Does the solution and nutrients need to be maintained above any particular temperature? Obviously I would ensure it doesn't freeze in the winter!

    nice simple system, i like that it needs no water pump. how did you determine the fill line? how much of the pots should be submerged? can the air be on a timer or should it run constant to prevent rot?

    In the beginning only the parts where the plant's roots are should be submerged. The air pump should more or less run 24/7 to prevent the plants from "drowning". Well as far as I know anyways. Also it consumes very little power so it might as well run 24/7.

    Hi, I am planning on making this system but don't know what kind of nutrient to use. What do you use? Thanks

    He's using "Advanced Nutrients Grow-Micro-Bloom".

    Very nice video! Do you remove all the water and fill with new fresh water+nutrient solution or do you add more water+nutrients when needed?

    I have recently started my own deep water culture system and so far the plants seems to like it. Have not run to the point when more water/nutrients should be added. http://apartmentgrower.blogspot.com

    What size tub? You talked about a 44 liter lint inside the tub. I thought I would be on the same side and ask.