Homemade Deodorant/Antiperspirant





Introduction: Homemade Deodorant/Antiperspirant

Today, I'm going to show you how to make your own deodorant/antiperspirant with household items.

Cred to scoochmaroo for inspiring me to create my own recipe.

Step 1: Ingredients


Baking Soda
Talcum/Baby Powder
Rubbing Alcohol
Vicks/Menthol Paste


A small air tight jar

Step 2: Combining

Put the baking soda and the talcum powder in the jar first, then the rubbing alcohol, then the Vicks.

Use approx 3 parts baking soda, 1 part talcum powder, 2 parts alcohol, and 2 parts Vicks.
(Perhaps add a little bit more alcohol than Vicks though)

*Thanks ERCCRE123 for helping clear up the ratios.

Step 3: Mix

Close the lid then shake vigorously until completely mixed.

Step 4: Finished

If you have an extra tube for deodorant and you make your paste extra thick then pack it into one of those. If not then keep it in the jar and apply with your finger. 

Keep rubbing it in until there is no more baking soda residue.

I find this lasts for approx 12 hours.

Hope you like my Instructable.
Constructive criticism is appreciated.



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is the Vicks used to bind it all together, for the aroma, both? Neither? Just curious.

It burns, figuring rubbing alcohol and possibly vicks. But I smelled good, but won't be trying again. Bummed about that.

question does it sorta smell pleasant? alsowouldnt it be hard to mix the vick together with the other ingredients

it smells quite good (in my opinion)
and it isn't too hard to mix the Vicks in.

Couldn't you also mix this with your favorite cologne/purfume for the desired scent?

Absolutely, I just personally don't wear perfume or cologne

True, but other people might, since most commercial deoderant is scented.

The only problem I forsee with mixing cologne with a deodorant... have you ever smelled that one hopeless human who uses NO deodorant but TONS of cologne? It's bad, Sooooo bad. I believe the commercial deodorants are chemically balanced with their 'smelly good' whereas this method is strictly home made. Might work with some types...

I wish to hell it was only one human.

We could all chip in and send him to an island paradise somewhere downwind.