The idea behind the diaper genie is to seal each dirty diaper individually into its own plastic bag. This helps seal in the odor and keeps the house smelling better until there is a chance to remove the diapers from the home.  I did not want to invest money into a diaper genie, but wanted some way to keep the diaper smell out of the air when I babysit occasionally and came up with the idea below. I hope you find it helpful! Please be kind as this is my first Instructable. Thanks!

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the supplies you will need:
1: A small trash can without a lid
2: Plastic grocery bags, 10 or more that are free of holes.

The grocery bags are ones that I have collected through my many trips to the grocery store and other store that need to be reused in some way, :-)
I use grocery bags also. I like the idea of reusing something that would probably end up in the landfill. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for your comment.. I think that is a great idea too.. to use the doggy poo bags! :)
nice idea. we never got around to getting one, but invested in the doggy poo bags, which are cheaper than the diaper bags, and use them only for the poo nappies. wee nappies don't really smell so they go in the bin as is.<br /> :)<br />

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