Step 2: Setting Up the Diaper Pail

Take your small trash can and line it with the first grocery bag, just like you would line a
trash can with a regular trash bag.
Continue the process of lining the trash can until you have multiple liners in the trash can.
How many liners you can fit will depend on the size of your trash can and on personal preference.
I usually line mine with 10 to 20 bags at a time.


I use grocery bags also. I like the idea of reusing something that would probably end up in the landfill. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for your comment.. I think that is a great idea too.. to use the doggy poo bags! :)
nice idea. we never got around to getting one, but invested in the doggy poo bags, which are cheaper than the diaper bags, and use them only for the poo nappies. wee nappies don't really smell so they go in the bin as is.<br /> :)<br />

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