Picture of Homemade Diodes!
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This is an alternative to the p-n semiconductor diodes.All you need is:
  • a small pencil lead
  • sharpener blade
  • safety pin
  • some thick copper wire
  1. Heat the sharpener blade.remember to put a little bit of salt on the blade while heating! the heated parts of the blade's colour will change to blue.
  2. hold the pencil lead to the safety pin and then wind the copper wire tightly as shown in the third picture.
  3. do as shown in the last picture.
That's all! you've done.
This is the diode where the soldiers in the olden times used to make their own radio.
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Drakekay2 years ago
Hey :D this is cool, been wondering how to make this particular component from scratch. How does it connect in the circuit, do I attach + to the pin, and - to the pencil led? Not really sure how to do that.
fahadshihab (author)  Drakekay2 years ago
Connect the component to the circuit containing a battery and a bulb and check whether electricity is flowing through or not.From it you can determine that.
Mvtnns2 years ago
Cat whiskers?