Introduction: Homemade Dremel

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This is not mine i just made a couple mods to the original creator of the homemade dremel with two bottels but this is my first instructable so i hope you guys like it!

Step 1: The Body of the Dremel

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The first step is finding a pill bottle.

Step 2: The Roter or the Motor

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For this one used a really strong motor from a hobby grade rc truck. The motor is a titan 335.

Step 3: The Battery Hook - Up

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For this one i am using a battery sp the battery im using is a 9.6 volt rc battery. (Any will work practically).

Step 4: The Actual Making of the Dremel

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Now that you have almost everything you need, lets put it together! First take your pill bottle. Now get a knife, sizzors, razor, anything really and make a big hole in the top of the removable white cap. The reason is to feed the wires through it. After that, run the motor wires through and connect the female batter cables to the motor wires. Test to make sure it works before you put in te work! Oh yeah i almost forgot we arent using a switchfor this one. So it will be extra easy now yiu should have this.

Step 5: Making of the Dremel#2

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Ok, so now lets put it in the bottle(the motor). This is a little tricky so be careful. Your gonna need two screws kindof long but short tou know in the middle haha. You may be saying where the heck does the shaft go?!?! Well cut a hole just big enough for the shaft straight in the middle. So if you have your screws make holes above the motor hole and screw the screw into them dont make it to tight or youll screw it all up! Now you should have the dremel! Thanks and please vote or like or whatever and please comment if you have any problems or questions or suggestion! Thanks!


amiir (author)2015-07-25

what about bit holder ? (chuck)

jkristensen1 made it! (author)2014-03-01

Thanks for this, I made my own! This one is pure battery powered, but if I wanted, I could hook it up to a 9-18V DC wall wart. I used my original 9-18VDC super-speed motor. 24,000 RPM, no load. Maximum 4.2 Amps motor. It uses 9V DC via a battery and is hooked up to a switch for on and off convenience. I still can't put bits onto this one since I haven't gotten my chucks (I ordered two). After I drilled and carved holes into the pill bottle's lid, it was no longer able to lock on like it used to. To solve that issue, I screwed some elastic bands under the screws (The screw prevent the motor's shaft from going back into the case) and made them going up and around the battery.

It doesn't have much power since it's only 9V, but this only took me an hour to make since I was making it with no pre-made plans or ideas. I hooked it up to 12V you can just hear and feel the difference in power.

Here are the pictures! Also check out the short video I have. It shows nothing but me turning it on and off. When I get my chucks, I'll make videos of it drilling actually things. I designed this one differently than yours. Mine is meant fro drilling PCB only, and nothing more, that's why I had to buy a drill chuck.

Verticees (author)2013-10-17

Is this dremel a modification to the dremel I made in my instructable?

rtskone18 (author)2013-10-09

No it actually works pretty good!

wpnman99 (author)2013-10-09

Will this be as powerful as a regular dremel? It seems like the motor would have less torque.

rtskone18 (author)2013-08-05

Sorry guys its Titan 550

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