Homemade DynamicTailstock DIY Tail Stock Mini Wood Metal Lathe





Introduction: Homemade DynamicTailstock DIY Tail Stock Mini Wood Metal Lathe

Tailstock is important part of lathe machine, It is also sometimes called the loose head stock or puppet head. It is mounted on the bed of the lathe such that it is capable of sliding along the latter maintaining its alignment with the head stock. On common types of medium size or small size lathes it is moved along the bed by hand, whereas in heavier types of lathes it is moved by means of a hand wheel through a pinion which meshes with the rack provided on the front of the lathe bed. The main function of the Tail stock is to provide bearing and support to the job which is being worked between center.To enable this, the tail stock is made to possess a number of parts which collectively help in its successful function and important are we are can do it by hand very easy and cheap

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