This homemade earring organizer is creative, fun, and easy!
If you or someone you know loves to wear earrings, but can never find the matching set, then this is the perfect solution! Hang it on the wall or set it on top of your dresser, this earring rack will ensure that you will never misplace your favorite pair again!

Make an earring rack out of an old picture frame and material from the ragbag.

What you'll need:
-painters tape or duck tape (stronger than scotch tape)
-stapler (optional: see Frame B)
-material (scrap from rag-bag)
-old picture frame (without the glass)
-cardboard (most picture frames come with these- if not, cut to fit inside of frame)
-earrings (chandelier/ dangling earrings only)

**Before you begin**
There are hundreds of different picture frames. Those that work best for this project are large and have a backing that is easily removable- or simply do not have a backing at all.
In this demo, I use two different picture frames to make the earring rack in order to show how it is possible to modify these instructions to the materials available to you.
Steps 1- 7 show picture frame A
Steps 8- 16 show picture frame B

This project is easily adaptable.
You may substitute a screen backing for the cardboard one used in this demo (which would provide faster and easier earring hanging/ removal); however, to do so requires more time and different tools. Do not try unless you are an INVESTED crafter, who can work out the kinks on your own.
With that said, the cardboard backing works wonderfully and is the simplest tool for this project. 
Good luck and have fun!

Step 1: Picture Frame a Materials

This example uses a picture frame with an easily removable backing.

*I use the original cardboard that the frame came with, but you can easily cut your own to fit the inside of the frame.
*The purpose of the cardboard is to have something solid to wrap the material around. However, the cardboard is the best tool for this job because the earrings can puncture the cardboard without harm to the earrings (the normal downward motion used when inserting the earring through the material may cause this to happen).
loved this! tried it out and got what I wanted no more cluttered earrings. yay thank you
I've done this before for my daughter. Instead of taping the material, I used spray glue. It sticks well and also dries fast. <br>Thanks for sharing!
Nice! May try this or a version of it as a present. What if you folded the fabric in pleats, laid flat so you had natural fabric &quot;Hooks&quot; to hang each pair of earrings on? that might work too
Great instructable! The possibilities are endless. I, like Aubrazilla, tend to throw my earrings &quot;every which way&quot; into a large-sized jewelry box. Sure, they're all in one place, but hard to disentangle, sometimes. Thanks for the great idea!
God bless you! I just jumble my earrings every which way. Now my only problem is: stud earrings!
Ah, I made one of these last year, but I used window screen that I got from Home Depot. I just cut it to fit the inside of the frame, and glued it in place.
Excellent How-to. Thanks for sharing. <br>Ei Leen, owner of http:/www.birdcharm.com

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