Introduction: Homemade Electric Screw Driver | DIY

Picture of Homemade Electric Screw Driver | DIY

In this instructables i will show you how to make a electric screw driver. This electric screw driver has both clockwise & anti clockwise rotation function, which means i it can tight the screw or loosen the screw.

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Step 1: Making Video

To make your own electric screw driver please watch the video or continue reading

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Testing begins @ 6:50

Step 2: Things Required

Picture of Things Required

1. PVC Pipe with 90 degree bend

2. 12 Volt Geared DC Motor

3. 2 Pole Switch

.4. Old Pen

5. Some Thin Plastic

6. Metal Paste

7. Some Screw Drivers with open end

8. Wires

9. Insulation Tape

10. Some Cardboard Sheets

11. Spray Paint

12. Soldering Rod, Soldering Wire, Soldering Paste & Stripper

13. Scissor

Step 3: Construction - Drilling Holes

Picture of Construction - Drilling Holes

Measure the dimensions of the switch and mark them on the PVC Pipe. Once marked carve a hole using a cutting tool or with a help of soldering rod.

Step 4: Construction - Painting

Picture of Construction - Painting

Paint the PVC pipe to give it a good look

Step 5: Construction - Switch Wiring

Picture of Construction - Switch Wiring

Connect the wires as shown in the image 1 & Image 2.

There are 8 pins, so Connect 1 & 5 (Blue Wire), Connect 4 & 8(Green Wire), Connect 2 & 3 (Black Wire) & Connect 6 & 7(Red Wire).

Step 6: Construction - Screw Driver - Part 1

Picture of Construction - Screw Driver - Part 1

Cut the pen using a knife or a cutting tool so it can fit both the motor shaft & screw driver. After cutting take a piece of waste plastic sheet and cover the motor shaft & then insert the chopped pen as shown in the image 1 & 2.

Now mix some metal paste and insert it to one side of the chopped pen as shown in the image 3.

Now insert the screw driver and add some more metal paste to secure it as shown in the image 4 & 5

Note : Leave the metal paste to dry for some time

Step 7: Construction - Motor Wiring

Picture of Construction - Motor Wiring

Insert the switch inside the chopped part of the PVC Pipe and then connect the motor as shown in the image 2. Please refer the image 3 for wiring reference.

Once everything is connected & soldered insert the motor into the PVC pipe. You can also add glue to secure the motor to the PVC Pipe (optional, mine was a perfect fit so did not use glue)

Step 8: Construction - Covering Back Side

Picture of Construction - Covering Back Side

Take some cardboard sheet and mark the dimension of the pipe on the sheet and remove the excess with a help of a scissor.

Once cardboard sheet is cut make a hole in the center of the cardboard sheet and insert the wire through the hole and then glue it to the pipe & secure it with a insulation tape

Step 9: Construction - Screw Driver - Part 2

Picture of Construction - Screw Driver - Part 2

Once the metal paste is dried make a hole in the pen matching the hole in the motor shaft and then secure it with a screw.

To watch the testing video please CLICK HERE

Testing begins @ 6:50


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