Homemade Essential Oil Air Freshener





Introduction: Homemade Essential Oil Air Freshener

If you are looking for homemade air fresheners you should try these one it smells amazing and it will make your home smell nice naturally.

This is one of the way to put that fruit to good use, and one of my favorite DIY projects is making all-natural air fresheners.The best thing about it is that this air freshener will keep your home smelling amazing without using toxic or chemical air fresheners.

I like to use natural twigs and sticks and they look so nice and rustic!

Step 1:

The first thing you will want to do is bake twigs at 200 F for 60 min. It will help kill any bugs or germs that may be lurking, and it will also dry out the sticks.

Step 2:

Then peel bark from twigs.

Step 3:

You will need oil, cinnamon, lemon, orange, vanilla, cove and essential oils of your choice.

Put ingredients in a jar. Add oil. I used kitchen oil.

Add clove and essential oils of your choice.

Step 4:

Add twigs. Flip sticks after 30 min then after 3 days.



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do you strip the bark off the whole stick or just one end? This looks really nice--I like rustic. How long does it last?