Step 4: Paint the Beast

Now it's time to get gory and paint the "Beast" side of your face.
I used blue food coloring and a toothpick to draw veins on the FX makeup. To soften the veins, I powdered over it with a mixture of tapioca flour and powdered skin-colored makeup.
I added a dark circle under my Beast eye with black eye shadow, and painted some blood here and there with Halloween fake blood (that I got at Goodwill).
Here is one i did with Latex caulk and wet toilet paper:) and some grease makeup and fake blood.<br>
<p>Looks amazing</p>
That's awesome! And a lot cheaper than FX latex.
Where can I buy tapioca flour? Or are there any good substitutes for that? Local grocery stores? I've never seen it.
It's usually found in health food stores or in the health food section of regular supermarkets.<br>Best of luck!
is that makeup you got on like gelatin, does it flex or just stay in place
This new recipe is better by far than the above: <a href="http://www.diypics.com/fauxtex-homemade-disposable-alternative-to-latex/" rel="nofollow">How to make fauxtex</a>.
&quot;puts a whole new meaning to the beauty and the beast.&quot;
I'm wondering, since you don't specify, if this sets up after a period of time or if it remains soft? If it does solidify how long does it take after removing from the heat source?
oh, you could probably just store it in a big tupperware. But take some extra tapioca flour and hand sanitizer to use on your hand when working with it so it doesn't stick to your hands. Mostly PRACTICE beforehand so you know you've got the right consistency!<br>Have a blast!
Thanks for the question. This does not set up once you take it off the heat. You have to cook it to the consistency you want, then let it cool. It feels very much like flesh when you apply it. But this is only good for a day's worth of fx-ing. The &quot;pudding&quot; eventually dries out if left out in the open. It cannot be peeled off and reused another day. However, it's cheap and easy enough to make a new batch when you need it.<br>Good luck!
Can it be put in a baggie or such to help it keep moist?<br><br>I'm asking because I may be assisting with several makeups at an event and I'm looking for a way to make this in a good sized amount and transport it to the place of the event. (there is no kitchen at the event location).
GREAT instructable!<br>Was hoping to see a smile!!! : )<br><br>Great work!
Thanks! I bet I could CG a smile... : )
This is good, and I'm basing this statement a bit on the fact that I'm looking at one photo...........but the &quot;beast&quot; side <em>looks like makeup</em>. Good effort, though!!
You're right. Is there any way to remove my request to put it in a contest (digital photo)? I hit the wrong button... : (
Brilliant gross effect and a great instructable. Thank you for posting. I am so going to freak out my kids. Mwahahaha!
OMG, puppy... that is the grossest make-up job ever!<br><br>Excellent job!!! ;-D
Nice work! Looks so real! Thanks for sharing! Have a splendorous day!<br>sunshiine
Very cool FX substitute, I'll have to try that this Halloween!

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