Introduction: Homemade Facial Toner, Pore Reducer and Brightener!

Picture of Homemade Facial Toner, Pore Reducer and Brightener!

Homemade Facial Toner, pore reducer and brightener!
I've been using for nearly a year...and I still love it!
I will not buy fancy face products ever again.

It makes my face feel clean, tight and no residue of products!

I'm a girl who inherited her mother's
beautiful nose...who got it from my grandpa...
and I always thought it looked like a strawberry...
yes, lots of big pores!
This is definitely working to help reduces those craters!
:)  yay!

Step 1: Ingredients:

Picture of Ingredients:

1/4 cup Lemon juice
{reduces blemishes and lightens skin naturally}

1/3 cup Witch Hazel 
(purchased at Walmart for $5 in the facial stuff department...
next to astringents and stuff like that)
{tightens pores and reduces inflammation}

2 Tablespoons of Rubbing Alcohol
{deep cleans, great for oily skin}

1/2 cup water

Step 2: Mix!

Picture of Mix!

Mix.  Pour into bottles
(I got a 3-pack at the dollar store, and they fit it perfectly!)

It's a great can add a drop of essential oil to it, if you
want to give it a different scent! 

I personally like the smell...but I'm
allergic to practically every scent except vanilla.  :)

Step 3: Apply Liberally!

Picture of Apply Liberally!

Pour or spray some onto cotton ball or cotton pad.
Apply circularly to face in the morning and night.

Morning to prep before make-up
and Night to cleanse before bed!

I am shocked at how many people sleep with their make-up on.
Just take some time to remove it at night before sleeping, to
keep your skin healthy! 
Use this facial toner after removing make-up at night!

Step 4: Enjoy Great Skin!

Picture of Enjoy Great Skin!

Enjoy your great skin!

I rarely ever put stuff on my face because I can't stand the feel of lotion on my skin.
Weird right?   This is the perfect solution!

Try it out and let me know what YOU think!  :)
And vote for me in the Beauty contest too! 

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CamilleH7 (author)2016-06-13

Instead of Lemon can i use lime

divagirl12334 (author)2016-05-16

I"m going to try this and see if I see a difference. Because my face looks terrible and I want to have a prettier face.

AshleyS36 made it! (author)2015-10-07

At first this toner seemed wonderful, but then it started to cause breakouts for me. I even used vodka instead of alcohol. I don't know if it's because lemon juice has such a low pH.

Also, I'm concerned about the phototoxicity of lemon juice if using this toner during the day. I only used it at night, but due to breakouts I've had to stop.

Wondering if there are any other recommendations for diy toners that don't contain citrus ingredients and are milder for sensitive skin?

KylieC5 (author)AshleyS362016-01-27

try water, with apple cider vinegar and witch hazel. Apple cider vinegar is antibacterial.

Apple cider vinegar will:

– minimize pores and smooth your skin

– deeply cleanse and clear your complexion

fight bacteria and fungi to reduce breakouts

– regulate your skin’s pH balance and increase your natural resistance to infection

– and, for many people, it will reduce acne and relieve irritation and redness

WoodW (author)2015-08-07

can you make this without the alcohol

mm233 (author)2015-08-06

I had really stubborn blemishes and I tried everything but this really really helped. I use this right after I use a cleanser and my skin is glowing,brighter, and even toned.Glad I found this. Thank you ??

Me hester (author)2015-03-14

Thank u XXX

Berkana (author)2015-02-15

Thanks for this instructable!

I recently learned a bit about the science behind why various kinds of acids seem to be beneficial to skin care. It turns out that citric acid (found in lemon juice) is an alpha hydroxy acid; alpha hydroxy acids loosen the chemical bonds that hold your dead skin cells together, making it a great liquid exfoliant. This article where I read about alpha hydroxy acids states that they also stimulate collagen growth; the combined effect is glowing skin undulled by the layers of dead cells that would otherwise accumulate on the top layer:

Now that I know that home made lemon-based toner can provide the right acids, I think I'll try making some of this for my own use.

sheldon.r.dutoit.5 (author)2015-01-13


Thank you very much, this has really helped me. Could you recommend a good moisturiser perhaps to go with the toner (for oily skin).

ashley.arrington.526 (author)2014-12-26


I'm about to try this recipe, but I'd like to talk about how many times I should wash my face and use this toner. If I use this after taking off my make-up with a little wipe pad, can it take the place of washing my face?

jfanella1 (author)2014-12-15

Is this something that you can save for a period of time? Or will it go bad? I'm planning on making this in little bottles and throwing them in little care packages for my friends but I'm not sure if it will hold up for the week before I give it to them. Any thoughts?

doodlecraft (author)jfanella12014-12-16

I haven't kept mine in the fridge ever and it seems stable on the shelf for months. :) Maybe it's the alcohol...I don't know.

Sunshine1989 (author)2014-11-28

Could you use coconut oil instead of witch hazel?

You might want to use the coconut oil AFTER the toner so you make sure your pores are clean and closed before you put the oil on your face. Also the oil will not mix with the lemon juice and witch hazel. Think salad dressing.

purplebugster (author)2014-06-08

I have been using Proactiv for at least 15 years. But lately it has not been working so well for me. I decided to try this toner. WOW! In less than a week I have noticed a great improvement! My skin tone is evening out. My age spots are lightening up. And I have these strange bumps...not blackheads or pimples. I don't know what they are. Every once in a while a new one pops up. But I have noticed some of them are gone and the ones I have had for a while are shrinking! I love this recipe!!! Thanks so much for posting it!

P.S. I put this in a windex touch-up bottle I washed out really well. Just pump the cotton ball on top! :)

sdavis65 (author)2014-05-18

Dollar Tree sells witch hazel for $1 :)

LyveWyreK (author)2014-01-10

Vit C helps your skin to retain moisture, which is great for dry or aging skin! I use 1 tsp of powdered or crystalline vit c (available online or in health food stores) dissolved in 4 oz of purified water, and am going to try the same ratio here. One thing, though - if you add the vit c, you have to either have colored bottles or cover them with foil to keep the light out so it doesn't oxidize, and it must be refrigerated at all times! =)

Casavantwilliams (author)2013-08-02

I made this recipe using rose water witch hazel and it was awesome! I squeezed a lot of lemons for their juice but hey I have a lemon tree in my back yard. Didn't think about bottle lemon juice, duh!

AngieG23 (author)2013-06-14

very easy, real cheap & works well! love it!

acurto (author)2013-05-16

This may be a weird question, but will the lemon juice rub off onto my clothes and bedsheets and such and stain them? I ask because I used to use Persagel 10/storebrand equivalent and I think it was staining my shirts, wash clothes, some towels, and some pillow cases.

doodlecraft (author)acurto2013-05-17

Lemon juice shouldn't stain or be a problem...I've used it morning and night for the past year and have had no such signs of staining or lightening fabric...and I use a black pillowcase. :)

mounces (author)2013-04-22

I'm assuming you can use bottled lemon juice... I'm also wondering if I could use wintergreen rubbing alcohol? It may smell a little funky with everything else, but there's wintergreen oil in it, and may be better for drier skin? I also thought of adding a drop or two of tea tree oil...or my raspberry oil!! I love this!! Such a great and inexpensive recipe to replace really expensive products (that also have mystery ingredients in them!) THANKS!!

doodlecraft (author)mounces2013-04-26

I use bottled lemon, yes. Wintergreen or tea tree oil sound awesome too! I'm going to have to try that out next time I make this! :)

mounces (author)doodlecraft2013-04-28

i DID MAKE THIS! Of course, I adjusted the recipe, but kudos to you for recommending it. I never think of this stuff! I used lemon juice, witch hazel, vodka instead of the alcohol, four drops of tea tree oil, and water. If you add oil of any kind, it needs to be shaken every time you use it, but hey! Small price to pay. Thanks again for the awesome recipe!!

divah (author)mounces2013-05-07

Ooh, I like the vodka idea. Not as harsh as rubbing alcohol!

divah (author)mounces2013-05-07

Ooh, I like the vodka idea. Not as harsh as rubbing alcohol!

divah (author)mounces2013-05-07

Wintergreen is used on acne and oily skin because it acts as an astringent, not so good for dry sky. Rubbing alcohol is also very harsh on dry skin. I would suggest you stick with the witch hazel only.

RocketPenguin (author)2013-04-21

I am a guy, and this looks like exactly what i need... I have incredibly oily skin, my pores hove opened up from the last year of acne, and i have some blemishes... I will have to try this out!

Thank you! :) I hope you do try it!

Well, I have used it for a week, and i definitely see a change on my face! A lot less acne, less oil, and when i do have acne, it falls off very easy. Thank you!

Awesome! What a testimonial! :)

Lioness989 (author)2013-04-23

Question: Should the cleanser be refrigerated because of the lemon juice? Thanks!

i-wonder (author)2013-04-22

Sadly alcohol is terrible for your skin. There are citations at the link. I greatly prefer a non-alcohol based witch hazel mixed with orange, lavender or rose water. The waters are safer to use than essential oils, and I find the scents really soothing. Orange would be better for oily skin, and rose for dryer skin.

realife11 (author)2013-04-21

OOOOOhhh, what about keeping the bottle in the 'frig during the summer, so it's not only cleansing, but cooling and refreshing! Now I REALLY have to try this :-)

mounces (author)realife112013-04-22

Love that!!

doodlecraft (author)realife112013-04-21

Great idea, I'll have to do that! Thanks! :)

Boygasmo (author)2013-04-19

Could also add some Vitamin E and D too!

doodlecraft (author)Boygasmo2013-04-21

I love posting things and getting great feedback for how to make it better next time! Thanks for the suggestions! :)

Boygasmo (author)doodlecraft2013-04-22

Yay!! Thanks for sharing as well! I plan on making these as soon I can get my hands on them.

valhallasmine (author)Boygasmo2013-04-22

how much E and D would you add, and in what forms or from what sources? I've never tried this product, but would like to help my damaged skin.

Boygasmo (author)valhallasmine2013-04-22

That's what I wondered too! I suffer from psoriasis and I use Vitamin E facial lotion (which is supposedly good for skin) and Vit D is also good for the skin, and bones. So I thought why not add those two as well, but I don't know how much to add. Sorry! But if you experiment and try few drops of these two, and see what works. I have yet to try this, but I plan to.

czarnian (author)2013-04-21

Can you please point out an alternative for Witch Hazel? I don't think we have that product in our country (outside US, that is, we're not that of a 3rd country, just we don't have the same walmarts here and there)


realife11 (author)czarnian2013-04-22

If you are not able to get it online, then rosewater would probably work just as well. Witch hazel is just an extract from the witch hazel shrub, and it has an anti-inflammatory and skin tightening effect (astringent). But rosewater is very similar to that as well and VERY soothing for the skin. I think most countries sell rosewater, so it should not be hard to find. Good luck :-)

isprey (author)2013-04-22

I'd probably replace isopropyl alcohol with vodka. Some literature suggests that isopropyl alcohol could be carcinogenic. Otherwise great recipe!

HollyMann (author)2013-04-19

Thank you thank you thank you - I have the same issues! I currently use Witch Hazel as a toner -with nothing else. But, when I have some time - I will make your recipe. I may use a little less alcohol (my skin is too dry now) and love the Vit. E idea too. :)

doodlecraft (author)HollyMann2013-04-21

Thank you! :)

ccarreer (author)2013-04-20

Hm...Going to have to try this.

doodlecraft (author)ccarreer2013-04-21


sunshiine (author)2013-04-20

Will share this with my new daughter! thanks for sharing!

doodlecraft (author)sunshiine2013-04-21

Thanks Sunshiine! :)

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