Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

Picture of Ingredients and Tools

3 packages of unflavored gelatin (.75 oz total)
1 cup of ice water
1 cup of light corn syrup
1.5 cups of white sugar
a pinch of salt (1/4 teaspoon if you are the measuring type)
1/3 cup powdered sugar (confectioner's sugar)
1/3 cup cornstarch
non-stick cooking spray
extracts and flavors ( for these, I used vanilla extract, rum flavoring, imitation butter, and peppermint extract)
coating chocolate (optional)
food coloring (optional)

Stand Mixer with balloon whisk attachment
Small saucepan with lid
Candy thermometer
13x9 inch baking pan. (I prefer glass, but other materials should work as well)
spatula (the more nonstick, the better)
aluminum foil
small mixing bowl
misc measuring spoons and cups
pizza cutter
a small shaker for dispensing powdered sugar (optional)
Mary 836 years ago
Will definitely make these. I'm always buying them, now I'll make them, bet they taste better too. Many thanks.
I just started making marshmallows this Christmas and my family LOVES them. I took some over to my mom who is my best critic (moms always tell the truth!) and she LOVED them. They are so easy to make it is ridiculous. Also you can dip them completely in chocolate but you have to freeze them and be quick! Lollipop sticks are helpful with this. Also, if you make vanilla ones dip in chocolate you can roll them in crushed graham crackers to make a smore! You can also roll them in coconut mini m&ms, etc. I did notice that my recipe was slightly different than the one used here. I got my recipe from cookingforengineers.com Also, I pour mine into the pan right away and if you use a silicone spatula to spread them you get a nice texture to the top of them. (see pictures on that website). lastly, a pizza cutter is a very easy way to cut them!! Go to any craft store that sells candy making supplies and you can get different flavor oils to put in. I am going to try kaluha ones today!! Thanks for posting your recipe to show just how easy these things are!!
jaxomlotus6 years ago
looks yummy