Introduction: Turn a Joystick Into a Flight Yoke(with 15$)

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First you will need:

  • Joystick(mine had already a small throttle switch)if yours don’t have i will teach you how to make after


Step 1:

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 Now open your joystick and take out the potentiometers that control the movement

Step 2:

Take a box and house everything in.

Glue the left and right potentiometer in the middle of the box,like mine:

Step 3:

Now cut a piece of cardboard/wood a little bigger than the wood/pvc etc that is glued in the yoke

Step 4:

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  • Now cut a piece of wood or cardboard and glue it in up and down potentiometer,then put glue on a stick and glue it in the piece of wood that is used for left and right.
  • BUT you must cut a little piece from the wood that is glued in the potentiometer so it can slide when you turn it left and right like my video.





  • Now,if you don’t have throttle from your joystick get a gamepad and glue a piece of wood in one of the two axis and set your gamepad axis in the game that you are playing as throttle
  • If your joystick has throttle and you made it like mine or with your ideas and you want spoilers and flaps(or one of them) get a gamepad and glue two sticks in the two axis.


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