It’s a French tradition dating back to the 1800s where a couple would preserve mementos from their wedding and marriage together in a glass cloche bell jar. One of the many sentimental items included, besides jewelry, photographs and locks of their babies hair, is the bride’s wedding crown which made from wax orange blossoms and flowers. I mean, is this just the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard of? So when the crepe paper experts of the Castle demonstrated how to make a waxed floral crown, I knew a tutorial on how to create a bigger, more dramatic version would be the perfect thing to share with you, especially with weddings, festivals and midsummer celebrations in full effect. Plus, I love the idea of coating the paper flowers with wax – with the amount of time it takes to make a paper crown, you want it to last forever! So without further ado, here is the how to:

You’ll need:

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Step 1:

Start by cutting the 22 gauge wire into quarters, to about 4-5 inches long.

<p>Wow it is amazing!!! </p>
<p>I had no idea that the French traditions did that in the 1800s, that is very cool! It shows how through time we still cherish the little memorable things that are sentimental to us. Thank you so much for providing all the materials needed to make such a beautiful flower hat, hopefully mine could turn out as pretty as yours! I was also looking at this DIY that is quite similar to yours, this could be helpful for a cute Coachella accessory, let me know what you think!!</p><p><a href="https://omghow.com/articles/1502" rel="nofollow">https://omghow.com/articles/1502</a></p>
<p>This is just absolutley astounding...I love how precise you were and it looks so delicate. I also really love how you covered the hooks too! No more pulling hair! This is wonderfully inspiring! I can`t wait to start making my own! Thanks for sharing this. c:</p>
<p>It looks soooo pretty and great instructions! I can't wait to make one :)</p>
How many flowers an leaves did u approximately use?
This is great that you can make it yourself, other versions i've seen you have to buy the flowers, i'll be doing this when I have time :)
<p>it looks amazing..well done..:)</p>
<p>This is beautifully photographed with super clear instructions. Love it!</p>
<p>Thank you! Glad you like it!</p>

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