Homemade Flower Ring


Introduction: Homemade Flower Ring

About: I'm just a girl that loves to be creative ! I like : Crafts, cooking and Beauty !

This is my First instructable, I hope it's a good one (: It's a flower ring. (: 

Step 1: How

I made this ring from wire and a pearl. It's not so difficult but you must have patience. You have to bend the wire into a flower. This is the most difficult step, because there is a big chance of failure. After this, you just revolve the fine wire around the flower. Then, you make with the big wire a ring and fix it to the flower. Done! (:

Step 2: The Back

Bind with the fine wire the flower on the ring. (:

Step 3: It Looks Like This

It looks like this

Step 4: This Is What You Need

This is what you need to make this instructable (:



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