Step 6: Time Killing

While your dough is rising, grease AND flour your baking pans. As I said earlier, I use two 8" round pans.
Also, you can use this time to do your dishes, and get started on your dinner!
If you're worried about having your water too warm, try taking it from your cold tap, then leaving it on the side for half an hour or so to come up to near room temperature. <br> <br>It still works perfectly well at this temperature, but you don't get that &quot;ooh have I killed my yeast&quot; worry.
Yes, I have heard of that trick, but if you decide at the spur of the moment that you want to make bread, it's kinda a pain to have to wait. But if you plan ahead, it's a great old trick. Thanks for sharing :)
Looks yummy! <br> <br>One question though... If you are making two loaves in separate pans, wouldn't you need to split the dough in half after rising in step seven?
Oh goodness... How could I forget that? Yes, you do. Thanks so much for pointing that out, will fix that ASAP :)
Fixed! :)
Beautiful! Nothing beats the smell of fresh homemade bread ( Foccacia) :)
This is an amazing first instructable! The photos and explanations are perfect. Your bread looks absolutely fantastic. :D

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