Homemade Fuses





Introduction: Homemade Fuses

Do not use strike anywhere matches

Step 1: Materials

Screwdriver of any kind Matches Tissue paper Scissors Pliers

Step 2: Crush Match Heads

This step is best with a mortar and pestle, unfortunately I don't have access to one right now. First crush the match heads into a powder known as armstrongs powder.Then put the powder in the tissue paper and grind to a fine dust with the back of the screw driver. If you have a mortar and pestal do this out side of the paper and then put into the tissue paper.

Step 3:

Step 4: Finish

Roll the paper up and twist the sides of the paper make sure the matches are a fine powder.snip the ends off leaving a little bit on and light


I am not responsible for the damage or injury of anyone or thing. Attempt at your own risk and under adult supervision.



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    I do not think that underworldgaurdian knows a thing that he's saying

    @underworldgaurdian this video is strictly for those of us that can not buy regular fuses and if you do this right then you will have the same results if not better then the store bought if you are immature enough to burn down your house then again I am not liable

    Please just buy the regular ones, that is definitely not something that is not worth the money. Just if you want to burn down your house, then build your own or use aluminium foil.