Homemade Garden Pizza Sauce

Picture of Homemade Garden Pizza Sauce

I LOVE pizza, and we make it at home all of the time. I usually make the sauce myself with just canned whole tomatoes, because it is so incredibly easy. And seriously delicious. But with an over-abundance of yummy tomatoes from the garden, why would I bother with canned?

The results were AMAZING. And it was so easy!
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

I used a fair amount of golden pear tomatoes, and small plum tomatoes. They are pretty teeny, so I used a bunch... but they are also very sweet tasting tomatoes, which taste fantastic in this sauce. You can use regular tomatoes, though!

I also used shallots, lots of garlic, olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, and a good handful of a bunch of fresh herbs... basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary, to be exact. You can use dried, but the fresh ones taste amazing if you happen to have them growing.

Step 2: Prepare a grill pan & preheat your grill

Picture of Prepare a grill pan & preheat your grill
I cooked everything on the grill, since it's about 1,000 degrees outside and I don't want my kitchen any hotter than it already is.

I used part of my broiler pan from my oven to cook my tomatoes on... I just wrapped it in foil, since I don't want any of my drippings to escape (I don't want to lose any bit of the yummy!). You can use a foil tray, or a grill pan wrapped in foil, I'd just recommend that you use something with a bit of an edge to prevent oil leaking off the sides and causing flare ups.

Then I start preheating my grill... I turn it on high and let it get super hot. This isn't really a very particular science. If you're using the oven, I usually roast tomatoes at about 450, and tomatoes this size take about 15-20 minutes. On the grill it takes about 10 tops.
How much is a bunch?
General Zod2 years ago That looks so thick and hearty, almost like jambalaya. Do you ever use that for other tomato-saucy dishes?
Oh wow! Looks at those beautiful tomatoes. :D
farzadbayan4 years ago
Nice photo !