Homemade Gasoline RC Car From Weedeater





Introduction: Homemade Gasoline RC Car From Weedeater

Sup uncrustables, I made an rc car a while back. I'm still working on it but I decided to put up a test video to show my progress. Anyway, after i had most of it done I realized I should have made a detailed Instructable. I tried to show as much of the components as possible in the video. I have lots of ideas including a PVC roll bar, an expansion chamber exhaust, and maybe remote electric start. I dunno, just ideas. Tell me what you think and what I should do to it to make it better.



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    How much did it cost to make

    I wan't to prepare a simple but fast electric rc car but I have no idea about the motor to be used and the fully preparation and plan can anyone help me


    4 years ago

    Try rebuilding the frame and use lighter metal that will give it more speed

    look into some type of clutch driven flywheel to take some of the strain off of the motor

    I wasn't going full speed in the video due to the chain being loose. Also, if you gear it for speed you sacrifice acceleration and power. Thanks for the input.

    Amazing job. But you have removed the cover of the cooling turbine. That will inevitably lead to overheating, and eventually to serious engine damage.